26 Best Home Improvement Ideas

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I understand how excited you are right now about improving the look of your home, been there, done that! I struggled so much when I first decided to decorate my home my way, so I thought there must be people on the same page as me that’s why I have jotted down all the home improvement ideas I implemented for my new house below. The price range for every idea is mentioned at the end of the article.

Idea 1. Paint Your Home:

Painting your home can give a fresh look to your home instantly no matter how old it is. You can paint your home yourself too, engage with your partner, family or friends and make it a fun activity. I remember when I painted my home it was fun for two-three days but afterwards it got tiresome, but it’s worth it. Because the feeling you get after your have done the task cannot be described in words.

Idea 2. Use a Lantern or a Small Chandelier:

Photo by Marko Milivojevic

Find a lantern which gives a vintage look as if it was made by hands rather than a machine. You can hang the lantern anywhere you like. In my case I hanged one above my open dining, one in my hall area, and one where everyone could see that is the entrance of the home. You can do the same.

Idea 3. Use Curtains:

Adding new curtains to your home can give it a new look. But the color you are choosing for the curtain should go with the color of your home.

Idea 4. Use Mirrors to Decorate Your Home:

Image by MeRalu

With all the people going after aesthetic mirrors, you would want them too, and after all why wouldn’t you? They look amazing and I cannot stress it enough. You can hang a big oval mirror with a beautiful border that gives a vintage look in your hall area. (In case you don’t want to give your home a vintage look your can choose the borders of the mirror accordingly.) Hang one mirror in each room and bathroom too, you can either choose the color and pattern of the mirror same or different, it depends upon if you are planning to keep a theme for your home or your rooms. Mirrors can be the best budget friendly home décor idea you can implement.

Idea 5. Painting Your Floor:

If you are planning to stay on a budget while you try to renovate your home, new flooring can be expensive. In that case you can paint the floor tiles according to the theme of your room or home. It is an easy and inexpensive way to improve your home.

Idea 6. Give Your Kitchen Cabinets a New Color:

Photo by Flickr

With all the cooking, oil dirt, and stains, kitchen is the first thing in any home which gets real bad. If your kitchen cabinets are in a good condition then what you can do is clean them and give your kitchen cabinets a new finish by painting them according to the theme of your home or according to kitchen colors like green, olive, orange, yellow.

Idea 7. Add Your Green Friends:


How can I forget? PLANTS! Plants really level up your home improvement process greatly. Place your green friends in different corners of your home in order to decorate. Big leaf plants look amazing in hall area ( a tip). You can decorate your balcony and the entrance of your home with floral creepers and other small plants. The thing which also matters for the look of the plants is “planters or pots”, you can easily find beautiful, inexpensive planters for your plants.

Idea 8. Lay Cork or Mats:

Photo by Nicolas Boullosa

You can use mats on the floor to make it look rich and new without even renovating the floor. People lay cork on the floor as it acts as a natural thermal and insulator and keep the flooring warm. It is the best way to prevent yourself from stepping the cold floor. Corks can be laid on the existing flooring, concrete, wood, etc.

Idea 9. Bathroom Ventilating Fan:

A ventilating fan not only eliminate fogged-up windows, steamy mirrors, and stale odors when you install it in your bathroom, but it also helps in the prevention of moisture-related issues such as mold and mildew growth, which may be costly to remove later and it also cause health issues. All of that may be avoided with these low-cost upgrades.

Idea 10. Installing Ceiling Fan:

Image by Olaolu Moronkola

As more people discover remarkable year-round energy savings, ceiling fans’ popularity continues to grow. Ceiling fans provide cool breezes in the summer, and reduce the burden on air conditioners. In winters, they circulate hot air to keep the room warm.

Idea 11. Your Main Door of the Home:

Your main door of the home should be the best door among all your doors in my opinion. You can easily repair the old door if it needs to be repaired or you can paint it and give it a new look. You can also buy a beautiful and different knob/ latch for the main door to make it stand out from the other doors of your home.

Idea 12. Give Your Fireplace a Makeover:

home improvement idea

Clean your fireplace and make sure there remains no stains of soot. Afterwards, give your fireplace a new color, hang a mirror above the fireplace to enhance the look. You can also place small pots on the sides, If you want to do something out of the box, you can find branches of a tree, paint it brown or wooden color and keep it inside a big vase or pot and place this on both the sides of the fireplace.

Idea 13. Lightings Matter:

Beautiful light fixtures can energize or soothe a space, and smart designs may make eye-intensive jobs easier. Beautiful lights enhance the look of your home as well as make you confident that is because when the lighting is perfect, you look good when you see yourself in the mirror and it helps boost confidence. 

Idea 14. Install a Water Filter:

A filter provides clean, water without taking up space like ROs.  Even better, you don’t need to hire an expert to install a water filter. Just make sure the under sink area is large enough to accommodate a water filtration system before beginning your installation.

Idea 15. Name Plate For Home Improvement:

Name plates can be an awesome idea for home improvement. You can make your own name plate using cardboard, You can also get your name and house number carved on a medium sized stone and keep it on the floor. A letterbox can also make an impression. You can also write your name or anything which tells people it belongs to you to personalize the letterbox.

Idea 16. Upgrade a Small Appliance:

If you have some appliance which you been getting repaired, I would suggest you to buy a new one. Kitchen appliances which are frequently used like toasters, microwaves, blenders, etc are appliances which tend to get damaged. So, upgrade your current appliance with new one. Or if you are on a budget get it polished and cleaned properly.

Idea 17. Change Your Current Bedding:

home improvement idea
Image by ErikaWittlieb

An easy home makeover you can do is to buy new bedding for the home, this can include cushion cases, pillow cases, comforters, floor pillows, etc.

Idea 18. Buy a Clock

home improvement idea
Image by Bruno /Germany

There’s no lie about it that big clocks look awesome hanging on the walls no matter how much mobile phones have replaced them. People still use clocks as decorative items and it can be a great home improvement idea. I would not suggest you any DIY for clocks, as they are not that expensive. I would suggest some of the best one to choose from.

Idea 19. Change Storage Containers:

Changing your spice containers or other storage containers can also beautify your home. Buy new spice containers from the market which go with the theme of your kitchen and you’re done.

Idea 20. Install a Programmable Thermostat:

home improvement idea
Image by F. Muhammad

A programmable thermostat makes controlling the temperature in your home a pleasure, and if used correctly, it can save you up to $150 per year on power bills. Modern thermostats are mercury-free and consume less energy than older manual thermostats. Smart thermostats go much further, providing not only programmable settings but also technologies that adjust the temperature based on whether or not the house is occupied, as well as they let you adjust settings from your phone.

Idea 21. Simplify Things:

Either if you have kids in your home or not, it is best advised to simplify thing by labeling them. If you label things such as, laundry bins, spice containers, and other storage containers, it will be easier for you to organize them in the long run, plus it will be a lot easier for the home maker or servants to organize things if you have any.

Idea 22. Make Room For Entertainment:

If you are fond of watching TV shows or Netflix then your entertainment area should also look like you visit it more often. Spend money on good speakers if you don’t want to go for a home theatre. If you a person who is fond of reading then decorating your bookshelf is something you can do. You can also place wine bottle and glasses inside the cabinets of your bookshelf to make the reading more pleasurable.

Idea 23. Do Something For Your Bathroom:

By placing a mirror you can change the look of your bathroom. But what else can you do? Taps and shower heads. You can change taps and shower head to bring a new feel to your bathroom. There is a wide variety of shower heads you can choose from, big ones, small ones, curved ones, etc.

Idea 24. Install a Stair Runner:

Photo by DavisOLizabam

For a good grip on the stairs you can use a low cost stair runner. You can use any coarse cloth of the length of your stairs if you have and use it as a stair runner.

Idea 25. Buy AC Covers:

One more home improvement idea can be of buying covers for the outer unit of air conditioners. You can also buy same for the microwave as well.

Idea 26. Protect Walls With an Backsplash:

home improvement idea
Photo by Image by ctj71081

If you’re having trouble installing a typical tile backsplash, a solid surface backsplash created from a single sheet of material can be your saving grace. When your sleek backsplash is in place, you’ll wonder why you ever considered tile in the first place because it’s such a fashionable defender against splashes and splatters.

Idea 27. High Time for Towels:

If you wouldn’t want to show current bath towels, napkins, kitchen cloth to your guests, it’s time to change them and welcome new ones. Such small things can change the look of the entire home and make an impression that lasts long.

Idea 28. Something Different:

Either make something using things which are at home or buy something unique which people don’t usually see, this way your can level up your home improvement game. By ‘something’ I don’t mean it should be be something expensive like a piece of art, it can be anything that stands out and people notice as soon as they enter your home. In my opinion you should make something on your own(from your skills and thinking) because if you buy something it automatically becomes known to the people as other people can also and might buy after seeing it in your home. But if you create something, it will remain yours forever and you will be proud to own it because you made it.

These were my ideas for home improvement. Below is the price range given for implementing the ideas. Happy Home Improving!

Price For The Ideas:

Product – Price
Paint – About $150
Lantern – About $22-$80
Small Chandelier – About $26
Curtains – About $51
Mirrors – Between $9 – $130
Plants – Between $5 – $30
Cork – About $6 – $8 square foot
Ventilating Fans – About $120 – $175
Ceiling Fan – About $50 – $350
Knob – About $20 – $50
Fireplace Cleaner – About $17
Lights – About $200
Water Filter – About $250
Name Plate – Below $50
Bedding – About $16 – $65
Big Clock – About $35 -$70
Storage Containers – About $21 – $32
Thermostat – About $470
Stair Runner – About $300
AC Outer Unit Cover – About $15 – $30
Backsplash – About $25 a square foot
Towels – About $20 – $50


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