How To Make Bubble Braids?

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I love trying new hairstyles. Recently, I came across this different looking pony tail while I was scrolling through Instagram. I even saw Doja Cat in Bubble braid in the Grammy awards. Then I even saw Priyanka Chopra pulling off a bubble braid. But not all of us have the time or expertise to pull off a French plait or even a normal plait at a moment’s notice. Even worse is when you spend a good 20 minutes attempting one. And then another 20 untangling the knots you’ve matted in. Who does not like trying different trends.

So I finally jumped on the bandwagon and gave it a try. It looked really amazing. If you have never heard of a Bubble braid and have no idea how to make it. Do not stress I have the answers and believe me if I can make it so can you.

While it may look like a professional style and tricky to achieve. Bubble braids are actually incredibly easy to do by yourself at home. And let’s be honest it, due to lockdown, we’re all getting more creative. Plus any style that hides third day hair and slightly questionable roots is very, very welcome.

What are bubble braids?

A bubble braid is a playful twist on a traditional ponytail, Fitzsimons says. In fact, it’s actually not a braid at all. “Instead, it’s putting your hair up in a ponytail. And tying it evenly spaced throughout with elastic bands in a way that resembles bubbles,” he explains. Consider it a trendy upgrade to this otherwise classic style.

How To Make A Bubble Braid?

Face framing bubble braids

Thankfully, the bubble braid process is pretty simple and straight-to-the-point. Whether you want to try a single bubble braid. Small bubble braids or bubble braid pigtails, this tutorial will help you create any kind of style.

Keep your supplies handy

I would personally recommend grabbing a styling cream and hairspray. As well as multiple elastics, depending on the amount of bubbles you want to make.

Using styling product

Use your styling cream to create a frizz-free hairstyle, and it will also help to keep the style in place.  If you have fine hair, use a mild cream to avoid your hair looking oily or burdened down. A medium to heavy styling cream can be used for thicker and textured hair to  help maintain moisture throughout the day.

Making the ponytail

It’s time to pull your hair up now that your hair has been prepared with your styling product. Make a slicked-back ponytail with your hair at the height that suits you best, and wrap it with an elastic at the part closest to your scalp. You can also choose how many bubble braids you want to make for your style at this time.

For bubble braid pigtails: Part your hair in half down the middle and secure two ponytails, one on each side of the head, if you want to do bubble braid pigtails.

For up-down bubble braid: Split the hair horizontally and attach the bottom part of the hair in an elastic band to divide if you want a half-up, half-down bubble braid. Then pull the top half of your hair back into a ponytail.

Add your elastic hair bands

You can make your bubble braid completely unique to you. Fitzsimons proposes Add another elastic hair band a few inches down from the first one, then continue to add more at similar distances. The distance between your elastic bands can be imperfect  but make sure the distance between the elastics is as equal as possible. This will give your braid a more professional appearance. You can use different bands as well, your braid your choice!

Create your bubbles

After you’ve tied all of your elastic band to your ponytail, pull at each section to loosen the hair between them and produce a ‘bubble’ effect. This method will be a pleasure if you have naturally thick hair. But, if you have fine or thin hair, tease the strands or use a thickening spray to get bigger bubbles.

Finish the look now

Once you are done with your bubble braids, lightly spray hairspray all over to set the style in place.

Tips and tricks for a perfect bubble:

Create the bubble before adding the next band
While some tutorials will tell you to tie your ponytail with elastic bands and then loose your hair from the section between each elastic band, I would recommend you to release the hair first and then add another band to get better result.

How to do the spacing
Play around with spacing until you find the right sized bubble for you. For longer hair, leave about two inches between each elastic band, and if your hair is shorter, place them closer together. Of course, if you have longer hair and want more bubbles. You can leave less in between the elastic bands – it’s all up to you and what looks good on you.

Go on, play with your hair!

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