Jasper: Properties, Benefits, Colors, And More

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Crystal Healing is an alternative therapy in which gemstones are used to bring peace and balance in a person’s life and mind. There are a lot of crystals one can choose for healing. Jasper is one such crystal. It has so many health and mind related benefits. Jasper has been found in Brazil, Russia, America, India, and France.

Key Benefits:

  • Jasper is said to help with emotional balance and attention.
  • Negative energy, worry, emotional stress, anxiety, and confusion are all said to be removed by jasper.
  • Jasper is beneficial for anxiety, emotional tensions, mental clarity.
  • It balances mood. 
  • Emotional stamina, self-confidence, self-trust, emotional protection, courage, balance, calm, and relaxation are all thought to be enhanced by jasper.
  • Jasper can also help you remember your dreams and increases the duration of sexual enjoyment.  
  • It provides comfort and support during times of stress, as well as calmness and wholeness.
  • Jasper shields you from harm and absorbs negative energy.
  • Jasper removes radiation and other forms of electromagnetic pollution from the environment.
  • It promotes consciousness and honesty.
  • It gives you the strength to confront difficulties.
  • Quick-thinking and organizational skills are also improved by wearing it.
  • Jasper inspires creativity and helps people put their ideas into action.  
  • It also provides support and re-energizes the body during long-term illness.

Types and Colors Of Jasper:

Black Jasper:

Blackstone” is another name for black jasper. Black Jasper is said to be a pain reliever that also helps with stomach and foot problems. Black Jasper is a highly protective stone that is ideal for grounding the energies of someone who is feeling a little off.

Dalmation Jasper:

It dispels negativity and allows one to view one’s own strengths and faults more clearly. Dalmation Jasper adds a sense of fun/mirth to one’s life and helps in relationship loyalty. It helps to cleanse the blood and strengthen the immune system.


It provides peace and a sense of completeness. Mookaite helps us in making decisions, especially when we are having difficulty. Mookaite encourages fresh thoughts and helps us in gaining enthusiasm.

Leopard Skin Jasper:

Leopard Skin Jasper promotes self-healing. It also aids in the elimination of pollutants and the reduction of body odor.

Yellow Jasper:

Yellow Jasper is another exceptionally protective stone that may help neutralize radiation and other forms of environmental and electromagnetic pollution. It is a nurturing stone that aids in the relaxation of the nerves and emotions. Yellow Jasper improves stomach and digestive system issues, relieves bloating, and promotes tissue regeneration.

Red Jasper:

Red Jasper is a stone that is both gently stimulating and incredibly protecting. It has the ability to neutralize radiation as well as other forms of electromagnetic and environmental contamination. Red Jasper balances and roots energy in unjust conditions. Problems are brought to light, and new perspectives are gained on challenging situations. It helps you remember your dreams. The aura is cleansed and stabilized. Red Jasper also detoxify the circulatory system, blood, and liver.

Green Jasper:

Green Jasper is a balancing stone that helps in the healing and release of disease and addiction. It strengthens the immune system and detoxifies the entire body. It protects against pollutants. It relieves bloating and addresses skin problems. It treats problems with the chest area, digestive tract.

Jaspers are really good healing crystals for people whose zodiac sign is Leo.

Where to Place The Crystals And How To Use Them?

Crystals are wonderful for personal ornamentation in the form of jewelry. Wear your healing crystals and have them with you all the time. You can use crystals to decorate your living area. For an energy boost, decorate a place in your home with crystals.

Crystals can also be used for personal meditation or self-hypnosis. During your personal session, place the stone on the appropriate chakra for an energetic boost during your practice. Furthermore, crystals make excellent sleeping companions. Sites like harper’s bazaar has a wide variety of crystals and stone for you to shop.


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